Degree Programmes

The Faculty of Life Sciences offer a range of degree programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level. At undergraduate level you can choose to come into one of our broad entry programmes such as Biological Sciences or Biomedical Sciences, which allow you to study a variety of courses with the possibility of specialising in year 2. Or, you may wish to specialise immediately in, for example Biochemistry or Genetics. All students have the opportunity to study in a research-led environment and the Masters programmes we offer are directly based on our research.

The Faculty offers the following undergraduate, integrated BSc and taught graduate degree programmes:

Undergraduate Programmes

BSc Biochemistry
BSc/MSci Biological Sciences (including Genetics, Human Genetics, Environmetal Biology and Zoology)
BSc Biomedical Sciences
BSc Biotechnology
BSc Human Sciences
BSc Immunology - 2nd Year Entry only
BSc Molecular Biology -2nd Year Entry only
BSc/MSci Natural Sciences
BSc/MSci Neuroscience
BSc/MSci Pharmacology
BSc Physiology - 2nd Year Entry only
BSc Physiology and Pharmacology - 2nd Year Entry only
Master of Pharmacy (MPharm)

Integrated BSc Degree Programme

Anatomy, Cell & Developmental Biology
Genetics/Human Genetics
Physiology and Pharmacology

Taught Graduate Degree Programmes

Biomedical Sciences
Clinical Pharmacy, International Practice and Policy
Drug Delivery
Drug Discovery and Development
Drug Discovery and Pharma Management
Experimental Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Genetics of Human Disease
MRes Drug Sciences
Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine
Pharmaceutical Formulation and Entrepreneurship

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