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UCL life sciences graduate recognised as ‘woman to watch’ in pharma

Budding entrepreneur Priyanka Mehta has been named by The Pharmaceutical Journal as one of their 12 Women to Watch 2020.

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12 March 2021

Priyanka Mehta graduated from the UCL School of Pharmacy in 2016 and completed her pre-registration placement in community pharmacy in 2017. Since graduating, Priyanka launched her own pharmaceutical startup, with her sister Ambika. She has also gone out of her way to support aspiring pharmacists in developing their careers.

Alongside building her own company, AMPM Pharma, Priyanka found time to return to UCL to undertake the Qualified Person Personalised Programme (Q3P). Realising her dream of becoming a Qualified Person (QP), she then took it on herself to develop an interactive website, Road to QP. The site raises awareness of the QP career path and eases the way for other candidates to become QPs as well.

It is no surprise Priyanka’s significant achievements have been acknowledged by The Pharmaceutical Journal. They have included Priyanka in their 12 Women to Watch 2020, an annual award which recognises the achievements of outstanding women in pharma.

Commenting on Priyanka’s input and involvement in the industry, one of the panelists said: “[She is] a pharmacist with great vision. Her initiative has the potential to support pharmacists in a career pathway not chosen by many. Already she is supporting the next generation of pharmacists and is working tirelessly to make a significant contribution to the profession.”

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