UCL Faculty of Life Sciences


Suraya Khodr, Biomedical Sciences BSc

Suraya studied Biomedical Sciences BSc at UCL, graduating in 2014. She now works as a Department Administrator in Clinical Operations at Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi.

Image of Suraya Khodr
What inspired you to study at UCL?

I wanted to study at UCL because it is one of the top universities in London and has one of the strongest programs for Biomedical Sciences. 

What attracted you to the Faculty of Life Sciences?

I was interested in biosciences but not 100% committed to study medicine, so the course was a great option for those, like me, who were interested in biomedicine but not sure that they want to be a medical doctor.

What did you enjoy most about studying in London?

London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. There is always something to do, something new to discover and new people to meet. There’s a London for everyone. I loved living in London, I moved there when I was 18 and I quickly found my way. The experience shaped me into the person I am today.

What is your favourite memory of UCL?

I met a few of the gems of my cohort in the Print Room Cafe on the second or third day of Induction Week. We started talking and discovered that one of them had been to my hometown that same summer and knew some of my friends! We realised how small the world is and this made me feel close to home. Here we are ten years later and I’ve been to these friends’ weddings and they’ve been to mine! They became my family in London.

What advice would you give to current or prospective students?

Enjoy every moment; go out, meet people, ask questions, be present. The grades are important but it’s the connections you make that you take with you forever. 

What is your current job title, and what does this involve? 

I'm a Department Administrator in Clinical Operations. I am primarily responsible for the administration of the Anesthesiology Institute and am the primary administrator for Surgical Services planning. I am responsible for providing analytical and operational support for the Anesthesiology and Surgical Services’ business activities. I also currently manage the surgical scheduling department, ensuring a smooth surgical journey for the patients.

Briefly describe your journey, from graduating to where you are now.

After graduation, I did a master’s in Healthcare Management at Imperial College. That allowed me to swing into a career in management yet still within the realm of healthcare. My passion was still the medical world so after my masters, I moved to the UAE where I joined the Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi, a quaternary care hospital, as an analyst in Clinical Operations. I have been there for six years currently.

How do you think UCL has helped you in your career to date?

UCL helped build my foundation in biosciences. I wouldn’t be so invested in healthcare if it wasn’t for the knowledge and skills I gained during my course and the lab experiences I had. UCL also provided me with so many avenues for meeting people. I think that boosted my experience even further and taught me how to adapt to new environments and work with people from different backgrounds.