UCL Faculty of Life Sciences


Biljana Vujanovic, Clinical Pharmacy, International Practice and Policy MSc

Biljana studied Clinical Pharmacy, International Practice and Policy MSc at the UCL School of Pharmacy, graduating in 2019. She now works as a Key Account Manager.

Photo of Biljana smiling
What inspired you to study at UCL?

There are a couple of reasons. First of all, the fact that UCL is a highly rated university in the UK and the world and is very valued. People just look at you with respect when you say I studied at UCL. Also, a combination of theories and practices.

What attracted you to the Faculty of Life Sciences?

The programme of my masters course. Part of the programme was having placements at some London hospitals, which gave me a different perspective of pharmacy. I gained vast knowledge of medicines, diseases, problem-solving approaches to the patients etc.

What did you enjoy most about studying in London?

Actually, everything. My placement (at King's College Hospital), London itself (especially London parks, museums, markets and street musicians), meeting new people and learning about different cultures. Everything.

What is your favourite memory of UCL?

Making presentations with my colleagues/friends for our exams. We usually did it in some pub or park. We were learning and having fun at the same time. It was a great way to get to know each other.

What advice would you give to current or prospective students?

Enjoy every single minute because UCL and London can give you something you won't be able to experience again. Learn because you can learn from the best and travel around the country because it is so so so beautiful.

What is your current job title?

Key Account Manager (although I will be promoted to Product Manager soon).

Please provide a brief summary of your core duties and the skills you use.

  • Working with the company's biggest and most important clients to build long-term, strategic partnerships. 
  • Making and giving presentations to health care professionals all around the country. Topics are mainly about new treatments and their benefits to the patients, new clinical practice guidelines, systematic review of evidence based medicines etc.
  • Skills: communication, presentation and organisational skills, leadership skills, being able to read people and connect meaningfully with a variety of personalities.

How do you think UCL has helped you in your career to date?

UCL has given me something priceless. I have met myself again and have started to value pharmacy again. I lost faith in pharmacy a long time ago because in my country, pharmacists are very underestimated. It has helped me start doing what I really love and enjoy - education (giving lectures to my colleagues and helping them to extend their knowledge).