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Hear what people involved in EDI have to say – and take a closer look at some of our projects.
Afia Ali

EDI voices: BAME Awarding Gap Lead for UCL Life Sciences Afia B. Ali

Associate Professor Afia Ali shares her experience of working on equality and diversity at UCL over the last decade – and says she thinks it’s everyone’s responsibility. 

Ana Saraiva Ayash

EDI voices: Co-Chair of SWU-GCNU Athena SWAN self-assessment team Ana Saraiva Ayash

Scientific Programme Manager Ana Saraiva Ayash has a strong interest in helping other working parents – through her EDI work.

Nazif Alic

EDI voices: Member of Biosciences Athena SWAN and Race Equity teams Nazif Alic

Associate Professor Nazif Alic shares some of the progress that’s been made to address gender equality in UCL Biosciences, and how those actions are now being directed towards race.

students at ucl

BAME university award gap may be due to exams, not coursework

The gap in university marks awarded between white and minority ethnic students in the UK may be due to exam scores and not coursework – according to an analysis of cell biology courses led by a UCL researcher.