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This module is available for 2017/18

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Module code:PSYC2206 (Add to my personalised list)
Title:Health and Clinical Psychology
Credit value:.5
Division:Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
Module organiser (provisional):Prof Val Curran
Organiser's location:Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
Available for students in Year(s):2
Module prerequisites:Normally PSYC1107 
Module outline:Description: The first part of this course aims to introduce the major theories of the aetiology of psychological and psychiatric disorders, and review research on the treatment of these disorders. The second part examines the major theoretical perspectives and empirical research on the role of psychological and social factors in the aetiology of disease. The course begins with two introductory lectures, one examining medical models and treatments of 'mental illness', the other examining psychological and social models of psychiatric disorders. The course includes a series of lectures on anxiety disorders, depression and schizophrenia. Individual lectures focus on eating disorders, PTSD, personality disorder, psychopathology which has no medical explanation and drug use/abuse. Themes running through most of the course include both theories and treatments of disorders from biological, cognitive-behavioural, social and psychoanalytic viewpoints. The second half of the course covers the role of psychological, social and behavioural factors in the onset and maintenance of disease. Three initial lectures draw on social psychological theory to outline determinants of health behaviour. Nine subsequent lectures address applications of psychology to the understanding, prevention and treatment of ill-health. Individual lectures focus on pain, screening for health risks, psychological influences on and responses to serious illness, sexual health, and smoking.  
Module aims:CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY SECTION To introduce some of the major topics in clinical psychology; To consider psychological, social and biological influences on causes of mental disorders To outline some of the main treatment approaches HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY SECTION 1. To study scientifically the psychological processes of health, illness and health care 2. To apply psychology to: a) the promotion and maintenance of health b) the analysis and improvement of the health care system and health policy formation c) the prevention of illness and disability and the enhancement of outcomes of those who are ill or disabled.  
Module objectives: 
Key skills provided by module: 
Module timetable: 
Module assessment:Unseen three-hour written examination 100.00% 
Notes:Core Course for Psychology students. This module is not open as a general elective. To check current availability of Psychology modules, please go to  
Taking this module as an option?:Only open to selected programmes (see note) 
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