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This module is available for 2017/18

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Module code:PLIN1202 (Add to my personalised list)
Title:Introduction To Generative Grammar B
Credit value:.5
Division:Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
Module organiser (provisional):
Organiser's location:Chandler House
Available for students in Year(s):1
Module prerequisites:PLIN1201 Introduction to Generative Grammar A 
Module outline:This course complements PLIN1201. It introduces students to several properties of "mental grammar" (the system of rules that determines a speaker/hearer's language). 
Module aims:We ask what sort of knowledge must be attributed to someone who "knows a language" and begin to answer that question by developing some of the essential building blocks of natural language grammars. The aims of the course are: to introduce students to the scientific study of the structure of sentences; to analyse data sets and formulate appropriate generalisations that characterise them; to discover how such generalisations can be captured by abstract linguistic principles. The course builds on PLIN1201 to provide students with an overview of the current research programme in generative syntax.  
Module objectives:To consolidate students' knowledge of the basic architecture of mental grammar; to introduce students to binding theory, hidden movement and quantifier scope; to take note of locality effects in the various modules of grammar introduced so far; to sharpen students' analytical skills through problem discovery and problem-solving exercises. At the end of the course, students will have a basic understanding of the grammatical mechanisms involved in simple declarative sentences and in questions. This should enable them to tackle intermediate work in syntax in year 2. 
Key skills provided by module: 
Module timetable: 
Module assessment:Take Home Examination 50.00%
Portfolio 50.00% 
Notes:available as an option module (numbers permitting); UCL students can register on Portico, intercollegiate students should contact 
Taking this module as an option?:Available as an option module 
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