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This module is available for 2017/18

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Module code:PHAYG028 (Add to my personalised list)
Title:Pharmacogenomics, Adverse Drug Reactions and Biomarkers
Credit value:15
Division:School of Pharmacy
Module organiser (provisional):Dr Mike Munday and Dr Rosemary Smyth
Organiser's location:School of Pharmacy
Available for students in Year(s):
Module prerequisites:This module is only available to MSc Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine students 
Module outline:This module will provide a background to the importance of biomarker identification and the methods used to discovery novel biomarkers. The module will also describe pharmacogenomics, drug metabolism and adverse drug reactions. The student will be familiarized with the importance of and continued quest for novel biomarkers of disease and toxicology and current up to date methods for identification of biomarkers. Students will gain an understanding of pharmacogenomics; single nucleotide polymorphisms, drug metabolism and adverse drug reactions. Students will gain experience in the critical analysis and presentation of data upon completion of the two coursework assignments  
Module aims:The module aims to: • Provide an introduction to the importance and identification of biomarkers of disease and toxicology. • Outline pharmacogenomics and detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms; drug metabolism and also provide an introduction to adverse drug reactions 
Module objectives:Students will develop a systematic understanding of knowledge and current problems/insights relating to pharmacogenomics, adverse drug reactions and biomarkers. Critical thinking skills will be developed in terms of evaluating strategies and research data Students will develop independent learning skills, original problem solving abilities and written presentation skills.  
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Module timetable: 
Module assessment:Coursework 33.00%
Unseen one-hour written examination 67.00% 
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