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This module is available for 2016/17

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Module code:BIOL3002 (Add to my personalised list)
Title:Plants, Environment and Climate Change
Credit value:.5
Division:Division of Biosciences
Module organiser (provisional):Dr Joan Doidy
Organiser's location:Biological Sciences
Available for students in Year(s):3
Module prerequisites:There are no specific course prerequisites, but interest in plant and environmental biology, together with an understanding of biological and biochemical principles is required. 
Module outline:-Lectures include: Nutrient availability,drought and plant production; plant genomics, systems and engineering, the evolution of photosynthesis; response of plants to elevated CO2; effect of climate change on phenological event, Staple crops and environmental factors; Beneficial plant-microorganism interactions. -Tutorials: Plant biology data mining, Arabidopsis thaliana, Plant systems biology, debate on plant engineering. -lab practical: plant engineering & biotechnology  
Module aims:To show how plants respond to their environments, in particular to stresses associated with agricultural practices and climate changes (nutrient fertilizers, temperature change, drought, CO2). To introduce new genomics tools, focusing on their applications to plant biotechs and sustainable agro-ecology (plant engineering, microorganisms interactions). The emphasis will cover biochemical, physiological and molecular mechanisms underlying adaptive responses at the systems and genome-wide levels. The course will also include project works and lab tutorials.  
Module objectives: 
Key skills provided by module: 
Module timetable: 
Module assessment:Essay (2,500 words) 25.00%
Coursework (2,500 words) 20.00%
Unseen two hour written examination 55.00% 
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