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This module is available for 2017/18

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Module code:BIOC1010 (Add to my personalised list)
Title:Introduction to Microbiology
Credit value:.5
Division:Division of Biosciences
Module organiser (provisional):Saul Purton
Organiser's location:SMB, Darwin Building
Available for students in Year(s):1
Module prerequisites:Available only to students registered on BSc Biochemistry, BSc Biotechnology and BSc/MSci Biological Sciences 
Module outline: 
Module aims:1. To provide an introduction to the diversity of microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, archaea, protozoa, algae, fungi and slime moulds. 2. To underline the importance of microbes for biomedicine; for the ecology of the planet, and as model organisms for genetics, molecular biology and cell biology. 3. To present lectures, laboratory exercises and coursework at a level that provides a continuation of material presented in school studies and provides a base for second year course-units in the life sciences.  
Module objectives:This half-course unit will enable students to: 1. Appreciate the diversity of microorganisms. 2. Learn the characteristics of different groups of microorganisms. 3. Learn how to identify and quantify some types of microorganisms. 4. Learn about the uses of microorganisms, their roles in ecosystems and as the causative agents of disease. 5. Learn basic laboratory skills for handling, isolating and identifying microorganisms. 6. Learn "good microbiological practice" and laboratory hazards in microbiology. 7. Learn the basis of microbial genetics and mutation.  
Key skills provided by module: 
Module timetable: 
Module assessment:Two hour unseen written examination 70.00%
One test (one hour) 30.00% 
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