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Module code:ANAT3904(Add to my personalised list)
Title:Advanced Library Project
Credit value:1
Division:Division of Biosciences
Module organiser:Prof. Timothy Arnett
Organiser's location:Anatomy Building
Available for students in Year(s):3,
Module prerequisites:Registered for a BSc or iBSc in the Division of Biosciences  
Module outline:Library Based Research Project.  
Module aims:To conduct an original project, involving library and internet based research under the supervision of a biomedical research scientist at UCL in the following research areas: Anatomy, Cellular & Developmental Biology.  
Module objectives:A detailed review of the primary research literature on a topic of interest to each student will be conducted under the individual guidance of a project supervisor. The provisional title and the supervisor will be approved by the course organiser at the start. A written report of no more than 7,500 words (excluding bibliography) will be submitted on the penultimate day of term 2. 
Key skills provided by module:To carry out a research project on an offered subject/topic, or an alternative agreed with the supervisor, in order to: (i) Gain experience in library based research. (ii) Learn to analyse the existing scientific literature in a critical manner (iii) Learn to write in a clear, concise, accurate and well-referenced style suitable for a scientific review (iv) Write a critical and knowledgeable account of the current status of an area of research including the methodology used, and draw conclusions to specific questions raised. 
Module timetable: 
Module assessment:Dissertation and Viva 100.00%. 
Notes:Marking of the project will follow the Faculty guidelines: Overall performance - supervisor's assessment 15% Dissertation - supervisors's assessment 35% Dissertation - internal examiner's assessment 35% Research Presentation - panel assessment 15%  
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