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Module code:ANAT3903 (Add to my personalised list)
Title:Extended Experimental Project
Credit value:1.5
Division:Division of Biosciences
Module organiser (provisional):Prof. Timothy Arnett
Organiser's location:Anatomy Building
Available for students in Year(s):3
Module prerequisites:Registered for a BSc or iBSc in the Division of Biosciences 
Module outline:Laboratory Research Project.  
Module aims:To conduct an original project, involving experimental work, in a biomedical research laboratory at UCL in the following research areas: Anatomy, Cellular & Developmental Biology. 
Module objectives:An extended experimental study of a biomedical science problem involving two terms of laboratory work. Dissertation to be submitted on the penultimate day of Term 2 of the year of graduation. Maximum length: 45 typed A4 pages and 9,000 words including figures, photographs, graphs, diagrams, charts and tables but excluding the Reference listbut including the references. See website for list of projects available. 
Key skills provided by module:To carry out a research project on an offered subject/topic, or an alternative agreed with the supervisor, in order to: (i) Gain experience in laboratory research. (ii) Participate and gain experience in the design and implementation of experiments related to biomedical science. (iii) Learn to analyse experimental data. (iv) Learn to use relevant literature in the design, analysis and interpretation of the experimental data obtained. (v) Write a clear and knowledgeable dissertation as an account of the background of the area of research, the methodology used, the results obtained and discussion of the conclusions that can be drawn from the results in the context of the current knowledge available from the literature.  
Module timetable: 
Module assessment:1 Project Dissertation + Viva 100.00% 
Notes:Marking of the project will follow the Faculty guidelines: Lab performance - supervisor's assessment 15% Dissertation - supervisors's assessment 35% Dissertation - internal examiner's assessment 35% Research Presentation - panel assessment 15%  
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