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Module code:BIOLM019(Add to my personalised list)
Title:Topics in Current Research (Masters Level)
Credit value:.5
Division:Division of Biosciences
Module organiser:Dr Nazif Alic
Organiser's location:Biological Sciences
Available for students in Year(s):4,
Module prerequisites:This module is only available to MSci Biological Sciences students in their 4th year. 
Module outline:This course is based on the seminar series of GEE and features invited speakers who are world-leading experts in their field. Students will attend the seminars as well as read, write and present about the topics being discussed. 
Module aims:In order to acquire the skills to carry out research it is necessary not only to gain in depth theoretical knowledge and practical experience in a specialized topic but also to gain an appreciation of the different fields within the biosciences and how crossing boundaries/disciplines can provide further insight and illustrate the potential for collaborative or multidisciplinary research. To achieve successful collaboration it is also necessary to be able to review the literature outside one's specialist area and to communicate a specialist topic in simple but accurate terms to the non-expert. Therefore, the aims of this module are to expose students to a broad range of research seminars within the Biosciences and to enable them to acquire the skills to review the literature in a particular field and to communicate a scientific topic across research areas.  
Module objectives:1. To develop an understanding of the diversity and multidisciplinary nature of Bioscience research. 2. To acquire knowledge of the current literature in a selected topic within the Biosciences 3. To understand how to communicate effectively to experts and non-experts  
Key skills provided by module:- essay writing - public speaking - critical thinking  
Module timetable: 
Module assessment:Lay summary (1,000 words) 30.00%.
Poster presentation (10 minutes) 20.00%.
Poster 20.00%.
Scientific review (2,500 words) 30.00%. 
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