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Module code:PSYCGP31(Add to my personalised list)
Title:Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Child Development 3: Latency and Adolescence
Credit value:15
Division:Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
Module organiser:Dr Inge Pretorius
Organiser's location:Anna Freud Centre
Organiser's email:
Available for students in Year(s):1,2,3,4,
Module prerequisites: 
Module outline:This module explores the child’s growing sense of identity (including gender identity) during latency and adolescence as the child moves from the family into the wider social world. It will consider the role of the parents, family and cultural environment in facilitating the youngster’s trajectory to adulthood. The theory will be illustrated with clinical case presentations showing how the techniques and approach of psychoanalytic psychotherapy need to be modified to engage with latency-aged or adolescent-aged youngsters. 
Module aims:This module aims to introduce students to psychoanalytic perspectives of child development during latency and adolescence, including the child’s developing sense of identity as they explore the wider social world, beyond the family. It aims to show the environmental factors that help shape the child and adolescent’s development. Clinical case material will illustrate psychoanalytic psychotherapeutic interventions with latency-aged and adolescent-aged youngsters. 
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Module assessment:One essay (3,000 words) 100.00%. 
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