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Module code:HCSCRS04(Add to my personalised list)
Title:Exploring Academic Writing and Reading
Credit value:0
Division:Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
Module organiser:Suzanne Beeke
Organiser's location:Chandler House 209
Available for students in Year(s):2,3,4,
Module prerequisites:For students registered for the Doctorate in Clincal Communication (DCCS), or for a PhD (f/t or p/t) in the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences. 
Module outline:This module focuses on the process of writing a literature review. Your PhD supervisor will continue to be the primary source of feedback and guidance on its content. However, the module will encourage you to explore how the discipline-specific nature of the content can affect the writing process. The module is divided into nine study units, each with an accompanying seminar, writing task and reading. Self study will include independent work on a poster (see Notes, below), and critical reading of your own and others' writing. In addition, at several points during the year you will have a 1-to-1 writing mentoring session with the module co-ordinator. You must attend all study units. The poster writing assessment is mandatory. 
Module aims:The aims of this module are to: - explore your current academic writing skills; - support you with the process of writing a literature review suitable for publication in a peerreviewed publication; - equip you with some practical strategies for facilitating the process of writing a literature review, and ultimately, your thesis. 
Module objectives:At the end of the module students are expected to be able to: - discuss what kind of writer you are, and identify more and less productive writing habits; - discuss how insight can improve your writing and learning skills; - discuss writing as a way of thinking and learning; - find appropriate literature effectively using manual or computerized methods; - discuss what is involved in the process of reading literature; - use practical techniques for acquiring knowledge, understanding it and critically engaging with the literature in a given field of study; - identify controversies and compare and evaluate different research findings and/or theories; - describe the format and purpose of a literature review; - reflect on and construct an argument as a 'story'; - organise the information in your literature review to provide a rationale for your research project; - discuss style and voice as tools that can be used when writing; - discuss the importance of editing as part of the writing process; - write a literature review suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed publication. 
Key skills provided by module:Academic writing. Critical reading and evaluation of research literature. 
Module timetable: 
Module assessment:One verbal presentation 0.00%.
One written assignment (critical review, 1,000 words) 0.00%.
One draft of assessed assignment 0.00%.
One written assignment (6-7,000 words) 100.00%. 
Notes:Assessment is formative: - Produce and present a poster: a) 1 minute verbal presentation of poster, b) poster session with staff (Mandatory, all students). - Draft literature review (Non-mandatory). - Send a Literature review of 6-7,000 words to your PhD supervisors (DSLT students only). 
Taking this module as an option?:Available to 2nd/3rd/final yr PhD students 
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