Never thought you could study at the Slade School of Fine Art? Join a short course to learn from experienced artists

01 February 2018

The Slade School of Fine Art is an experimental, research-oriented and imaginative art school with a world-leading reputation. Don’t let that intimidate you though: its short courses are open to everyone.

The Slade studio

The Slade regularly opens its doors to anyone who wants to develop their artistic skills in a variety of formats. Come and learn from experienced artists and soak up the wonderful, creative atmosphere of the Slade.

The art school runs a number of evening classes and other short courses over the summer, all of which are listed in the Arts and Humanities section of the UCL Life Learning catalogue.

Find out which courses suit your creative needs below and join the Slade today.

Be part of The Slade in summer 2018

The Slade Summer School offers a unique opportunity for you to work within the studios and vibrant atmosphere of the Slade – a world-renowned school of fine art.

You’ll become part of a wider community of artists and will have a real sense of studying in an art school environment among Slade students and alumni.

You’ll test your abilities while learning new skills and different approaches to making art.

You can take part in a lively range of extra-curricular activities, including:

  • art history lectures and artist talks introducing the varied contexts and histories of fine art
  • exhibition openings and talks by Slade undergraduate and postgraduate students about their work
  • a series of artists’ projects run by Slade tutors, alumni and recently graduated student residents – you’ll be invited into these studio spaces to discuss the works with the artists

General art

Slade Summer School Foundation - 10 weeks, starting on 2 July

Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal: Drawing in London Museums and Galleries - 1 week, starting on 6 August

Material Journeys: Representation into Abstraction - 2 weeks, starting on 13 August

Colour in Practice: Understanding Colour - 2 weeks, starting on 27 August

Drawing and painting

Drawing - 2 weeks, starting on 2 July

Drawing - Evening Classes - 8 weeks, starting on 2 July

Painting - 2 or 4 weeks, starting on 16 July

Painting - Evening Classes - 8 weeks, starting on 3 July

From Drawing to Painting - 2 weeks, starting on 16 July

The Expanded Field of Drawing - 2 or 3 weeks, starting on 13 August

Contemporary Painting - 2 or 3 weeks, starting on 23 July

Portraiture, life drawing and life painting

Portraiture: A New Perspective - 2 weeks, starting on 16 July

Portraiture: Drawing and Painting the Head - 2 weeks, starting on 27 August

Life Drawing - 2 weeks, starting on 30 July

Life Painting - 2 weeks, starting on 13 August

Life Painting: Perception and the Sustained Pose - 2 weeks, starting on 27 August

Etching, photography and wood engraving

Etching - 1 or 2 weeks, starting on 2 July

Low-Tech Photography - 1 week, starting on 9 July

Wood Engraving Workshop - 3 days, starting on 16 July

Watch a video about the Slade's summer courses

The Slade Summer School


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