IOE Teacher Education Internship (One Month)

  • Varies depending on time of year
  • 20 days over 4 weeks


The Teacher Educator Internship programme is a unique opportunity for teacher educators. It allows you to develop your own skills and expertise in teacher education under the guidance of an experienced subject-specific mentor on the UCL Institute of Education's (IOE) Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

You'll work alongside a mentor and shadow their work on all aspects of the PGCE, including:

  • teacher education sessions
  • lectures
  • workshops and seminars
  • school vists, lesson observations and feedback
  • marking and assessment

You'll be given unprecedented access to the workings of a highly successful PGCE programme.

You'll be part of the UCL IOE team and will be invited to participate in other IOE scholarship activities, including research seminars and specialist interest groups.

You'll gain a full and detailed understanding of successful initial teacher education, including the managing of partnerships and working with a range of student teachers.

You'll also develop a scholarly approach to your Initial Teacher Education work, and will explore and understand the relationship between theory, research and practice. This should put you in a strong position to lead other teacher education programmes on returning to your workplace.   

Who it's for

Teacher Educator Internships are aimed at colleagues who are already teacher educators in other institutions.


During the internship you'll:

  • shadow a teacher educator from the IOE, including observation of teacher education sessions (when available), tutor group seminars, visits to schools and joint lesson observations and feedback
  • observe the assessment process both for Master's credits and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) - each of these activities will relate to the programme-specified learning outcomes
  • have ongoing mentoring and reflective discussions with your nominated subject teacher educator (for the duration of the internship and for a specific period afterwards)
  • access Master's sessions in your chosen area, and in the Master of Arts (MA) in Education (as appropriate), as well as any research seminars or special interest group events
  • gain access to the UCL library and IT services


The internship is structured around the IOE PGCE calendar. You'll participate in all aspects of the PGCE teaching and learning, including working with students and other teacher educators.

The focus of the internship will vary depending on which time of year it's conducted and your particular interest.

You'll be allocated a mentor who'll work with you to review your learning on a regular basis. You'll be expected to complete a reflective report on your experience (in English) to be shared with the IOE mentor and programme lead, as well as with your sponsoring body.

You'll be encouraged to create excellent reports that can be put forward for publication.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • understand the pedagogical processes that underpin the IOE's approach to teacher education
  • know the key stages that a student teacher moves through during their training year and the corresponding experiences they need to ensure they progress
  • understand different ways to support student teachers towards developing their own pedagogy of practice
  • understand the relationship between theory and practice in initial teacher education
  • understand the role of different partners and stakeholders in the initial teacher education process

Entry requirements

You'll need a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and adequate English proficiency in order to participate. If you're unsure about whether your level of English is sufficient please contact the administrator.


Successful interns will be offered a UCL certificate of participation.

Dates, booking and further information

The internship can start on the first day of October through June each year. It will last for four weeks.

Please contact the course administrator Katrina Tung to discuss dates, participant numbers, fees or other details further.

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Course team

Course team varies depending on subject specialism

Internships are available for the following subjects:

- Maths
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Physics
- History
- Geography
- Social Science
- Psychology
- Computer Science
- Religious Education
- Business Studies
- Economics

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