UCL Frontiers of Oncology: a Series of One-Day Meetings

  • 5 hours
  • 1 day


This series of seven free one-day meetings will update oncologists, GPs, nurses, scientists and researchers on advances in the following specific sub specialties:

  • haematology
  • urology
  • women’s health
  • lung cancer
  • gastrointestinal oncology
  • melanoma
  • paediatric oncology

These events will introduce you to advances in the field which will directly affect your future clinics and laboratories.

The meetings will be held in London and feature presentations and discussions designed to help you enhance cancer care and understand the breakthroughs which will directly affect you and your patients.

There will be a number of notable external speakers at each meeting to compliment the UCL presentations.

The series has been created by the UCL Cancer Institute in association with colleagues at The Lancet and At the Limits medical education.

Who the series is for

The series is aimed at practicing oncologists, nurses, researchers and scientists.

You should be a healthcare professional or student to attend.

Dates and programme information

The meetings all consist of live face-to-face presentations followed by MDT sessions or Q&As.

Programme information for each event will be available on the Frontiers of Oncology website from Spring 2018.

You can register your interest on the Frontiers of Oncology website.

CPD points

CPD approval has been applied for. Filling in a post-event feedback questionable will enable the release of CPD certification, where available. (This will count for around four to five hours of CPD per event.)

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Course team

Professor Mark Emberton

Mark is Professor of Interventional Oncology at the UCL Cancer Institute

Professor Daniel Hochhauser

Daniel is Kathleen Ferrier Professor and Co-Director of the CRUK UCL Cancer Centre.

Professor Jonathan Ledermann

Jonathan is Professor of Medical Oncology and Director of the CRUK UCL Trials Centre, UCL Cancer Institute.

Dr Mark Linch

Mark is Medical Oncology Consultant at University College London Hospital (UCLH).

Professor Tim Meyer

Tim is Professor of Experimental Medicine at the UCL Cancer Institute.

Professor Siow-Ming Lee

Siow-Ming is Professor of Medical Oncology at UCL.

Professor Charles Swanton

Charles is Chair in Personalised Cancer Medicine at the UCL Cancer Institute.

Dr Malcolm Walker

Malcolm is Consultant Cardiologist at UCL.

Professor Martin Widschwendter

Martin is Professor of Women's Cancer and Head of the Department of Women's Cancer at UCL.

Professor Derek Yellon

Derek is Director of the Hatter Cardiovascular Institute.

Student review

Previous participants have said:

"Well organised, interesting lectures."

"A good mix of speakers and a good balance of research/education."

"Well organised, excellent venue, good programme."

"Clear interesting presentations, logically ordered by theme."

"Emphasis on pertinent new developments by a range of experts in their field."

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