Finnish Evening Language Classes (All Levels)

  • 60 hours per year (2 hours a week over 30 weeks)
  • 30 weeks (over 3 terms)
  • 07 October 2019

Overview - Finnish (all levels)

These 30-week courses will help you communicate with confidence in Finnish.

They're available at all levels and run over three ten-week terms at 6.30pm on weekday evenings on the UCL Bloomsbury campus.

You'll learn Finnish as it's spoken today in everyday situations - from basic survival skills for beginners, through to fluent discussions on contemporary issues for more advanced learners.

You'll practice all four language skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking - with particular emphasis on oral communication.

This course is run by UCL's School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES). All teachers are either native speakers or have native fluency in the languages they teach.

Course content / learning outcomes (by level)

All levels give you practice in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Level 1 - Beginners Finnish
Level 2 - Lower Intermediate Finnish
Level 3 - Upper Intermediate Finnish
Level 4 - Advanced Finnish
Level 5 - Advanced Plus Finnish

Who these courses are for

SSEES language courses are open to everyone. Classes are usually made up of a wide range of ages and professions, with various motivations for learning.

Entry requirements

  • Level 1 (Beginners) - suitable if you have little or no knowledge knowledge of Finnish. No knowledge of grammar is assumed and there are no entry requirements
  • Level 2 (Lower Intermediate) - for those who've completed Level 1 (or a similar course) or who have some knowledge of the language through regular visits to Finland or self study
  • Level 3 (Upper Intermediate) - for those who've completed Level 2 (or a similar course) and/or who have a sound knowledge of the basics of the language through extensive visits to Finland or self-study
  • Level 4 (Advanced) - for those who've successfully completed Level 3 (or a similar course) and/or who've developed a sound knowledge of the language through extensive visits to Finland, personal relationships, or working with the language
  • Level 5 (Advanced Plus) - for those who've successfully completed Level 4 (or a similar course) and who've developed an excellent knowledge of the language through using Finnish at work, or by living in a partly Finnish-speaking environment

Dates and timetable

These courses will next run from:

  • 7 October to 12 December 2019 (autumn term)
  • 13 January to 19 March 2020 (winter term)
  • 27 April to 3 July 2020 (summer term)

Please note: complete beginners can only start in October each year. Other levels may start in the winter or summer term.

Cost and concessions

The price for external students is:

  • three terms (30 lessons) - £820
  • two terms (20 lessons) - £555
  • one term (10 lessons) - £295

Concessions are available for UCL and University of London (UoL) staff, students and alumni, and UCL staff relatives.

Detailed fees information is available on the SSEES website.

Assessment and certificates

Although the courses aren't formally assessed, you may be given formative ongoing assessments such as written and oral tests to aid revision and monitor your progress.

Those taking the more advanced levels may be asked to give pre-researched oral presentations to the group.

You can't earn credit for these courses, but you'll receive a signed UCL certificate of attendance on completing at least 70% of the course.

Contact SSEES staff for information about centres in the UK and elsewhere where qualification examinations can be taken.

Benefits of taking a SSEES language course

For learners

You'll benefit in the following ways:

  • Teaching is by experienced and highly qualified native speakers or teachers who have native fluency in the languages they speak
  • You'll learn using a combination of the best publications on the market as well as original materials created in-house (which are not available elsewhere)
  • You'll be granted reader access to the SSEES Library - the leading teaching and research collection in the UK for the study of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. It contains a wide range of foreign-language newspapers
  • We regularly assess standards of teaching and student feedback to ensure we maintain our excellent reputation

For employers

Staff taking our language courses will become:

  • more confident at communicating with speakers of the local language
  • able to quickly adjust to the culture when travelling or working with local clients and colleagues
  • well informed on contemporary cultural and political issues and events
  • prepared for everyday life and socialisation, if relocated or seconded

Further information

Read more about SSEES Finnish language courses (all levels) on the SSEES website, including the topics, grammar, functions and cultural references covered.

Course team

Our language teachers

The School of Slavonic and East European Studies' teachers are either native speakers, or have native fluency in the languages they teach.

Many of our staff teach on BA and MA courses at UCL and at other universities. They're highly qualified and extremely popular with their students, creating a friendly, stimulating environment for language learning.

Student review

Previous participants on SSEES evening language courses have said:

"The teacher’s drive to ensure that lessons were comprehensive and engaging made this among the best language courses that I have ever taken."

"Learning about the culture as well as the language is just what I had hoped for."

"It's extremely inclusive and a well-paced balance between reading, writing, speaking, and listening."

"The interaction between students has been great and effectively encouraged by the spoken exercises we have worked on."

"A friendly environment where people aren't afraid to make mistakes."

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