How to Use Research Insights to Grow Your Enterprise: Quantitative, Qualitative, Design-Led and Entrepreneurial Methods

  • 8 hours
  • 2 days, over 2 weeks


On this two-day course you'll learn how to generate, commission and use research insights to grow your business, and make positive change in the world.

You’ll learn how to carry out fast, precisely-targeted and cost-effective research to design innovative services and products, and to measure the success of your enterprise. 

At the end of the course you will be able to use:

  • entrepreneurial methods
  • rapid quantitative and qualitative social research
  • design-led methods

You'll have access to a variety of insight tools and case studies of enterprises that successfully used qualitative and quantitative research. 

You'll also benefit from personal insights from award-winning ‘millenipreneurs’ in their early twenties and experienced research and innovation staff who will help you conduct DIY research and commission professional insights.

This course is run by the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity.

Who this course is for

This course is for:

  • entrepreneurs at different stages of their business careers who want to enhance their skills in scoping research, rapid social media analysis and research-informed product design
  • entrepreneurs wanting to pursue sustainability transitions through behavioural change 
  • entrepreneurs wanting to better understand the landscape of more bespoke social science and marketing tools to commission research from external research agencies and effectively use research results
  • junior media research and marketing staff, and advertising strategists and planners who provide services to start-up businesses

Course content

You'll learn about:

  • scoping research into market trends and competitor activity on sectoral and lifestyle websites and social media
  • rapid design and targeted administration of simple quantitative surveys testing market demand for specific products 
  • qualitative methods helping to refine and further your ideas 
  • product and service design methodologies from advertising 
  • methods for measuring the outcomes of investment and redesigning your business model
  • user-focused experimentation for entrepreneurs
  • commissioning social research and using specialist insights

Structure and teaching

You'll attend two half-day classroom-based sessions.

Session 1 is taught by UCL academics. You'll learn about inspirational case studies and shape and refine your ideas using entrepreneurial tools, and qualitative and quantitative social research methods. 

Session 2, taught by an award-winning entrepreneur and industrial designer, will become a research lab for your enterprise. You'll get help to mobilise design-led methods in working on business ideas of your own. During this session you'll develop business ideas, use rapid prototyping and learn user-focused experimentation - both individually and in groups.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you should be able to: 

  • understand the landscape of social research methods and how they can support your enterprise
  • decide which methods you can mobilise to inform and refine your ideas
  • undertake rapid social research yourself
  • commission a piece of research and prepare a brief for a specialised insight agency


You'll receive a certificate on completing the course. 

Further information

Find out more about:

Course team

Dr Matilda Andersson

Matilda is Head of Insight & Innovation at Crowd DNA, where she helps brands such as IKEA, Spotify, Facebook and Heineken form deeper connections with consumers. Before joining Crowd DNA, she spent over 10 years in insights and strategy roles, with a particular focus on media and tech, including at the BBC. She's previously presented at events and conferences such as MRS (Market Research Society) Impact, Stockholm Fashion Week, GeoMedia, ESOMAR, BBC Worldwide Showcase and Jaguar Landcover TechFest.

Arthur Kay

Arthur is an award-winning urban designer and entrepreneur. He's also Founder and Deputy Chairman of bio-bean® and Founder and Chairman of Fast Forward 2030. He's Entrepreneur in Residence at UCL Institute of Global Prosperity and a visiting lecturer at Imperial College London, the RCA and UCL. He's a UN Sustainable Development Goal Pioneer, and was named Sustainable Business Leader of the Year by the Guardian and Entrepreneur of the Year by both Business Green and Shell.

Dr Konrad Miciukiewicz

Konrad is a Senior Teaching Fellow at UCL Institute for Global Prosperity. He's been a strategist and copyrighter at advertising agencies across Europe and involved in a number of large-scale social, economic and technological innovation projects.

Solveiga Pakštaitė

Solveiga is the inventor of a bio-accurate food expiry indicator called Mimica Touch, which is being commercialised under the company she founded, Mimica. Solveiga trained as an industrial designer and so everything she does as an entrepreneur is done with a design-led approach. She was named MIT Technology Review's Inventor of the Year in 2017. Before starting Mimica, Solveiga worked as a user experience consultant, a trends forecaster and a design researcher.

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