ASE/UCL Institute of Education Technician's Conference

  • 6 hours
  • 1 day


This one-day conference for school technicians offers a choice of workshops covering a variety of topics and an opportunity to network with other technicians.

Highlights include:

  • workshops covering all subject areas
  • a keynote speech
  • an opportunity to network with other school technicians
  • a market place of organisations and suppliers.

This annual conference is organised by UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and the Association for Science Education (ASE). It draws on their significant expertise in science education and rich history of providing high quality professional development.

Who it's for

This conference is for science technicians working in schools or colleges in the UK.


You can choose to attend one workshop from each session. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Session 1

A. Everything you want to know about sodium alginate ... but didn’t know who to ask

Please note that this workshop is now fully booked.

An overview and hands-on session showing how to use sodium alginate in science from primary school to college.

B. Network your network

A chance to network while learning about networking. Get help, advice and tips on setting up and running a successful technician network from somebody who has done it. Learn how to engage technicians (without the aid of a biscuit) to help them teach the teachers and engage students back at school. Suitable for anybody starting a network as well as those who already participate in established meetings.

C. Physics phobias?

Please note that this workshop is now fully booked.

Paul will take away your fears around everyday physics equipment. If you have trouble setting up oscilloscopes, are not sure which connectors to use on multimeters and getting ripple tanks to ripple, this session is for you.

Session 2

D. Of course technicians run STEM clubs!

Please note that this workshop is now fully booked.

Angie Ridout currently organises and runs STEM clubs for four primary schools in her local area. This is in addition to overseeing her school’s KS3 STEM clubs and two further clubs within her department. Come to learn about primary outreach and try out some of Angie’s new ideas from her fourth year STEM club scheme of work.

E. Paper and pennies

Budget low? In this session you'll learn about a range of paper based activities which can be used at any level. Come and try it out. You'll be amazed at what you can do with paper.

F. ‘Resistance is futile so be a proton and stay positive’

Please note that this workshop is now fully booked.

In this workshop you'll get to experience a taster of some wonderful, simple, fun physics experiments. Relatively lost cost to buy or make, they will ‘do’ the job and are more relevant to students’ technology outlook of today (not of 60 years ago).

Session 3

G. Great things come in small packages

If you're not already a convert to micro-scale chemistry, let Bob Worley bring you over to the small side. Learn about a selection of hands-on practical activities developed and championed by Bob.

H. CLEAPSS – More than just a Hazcard!

Please note that this workshop is now fully booked.

Have you ever delved into the long menu, or do you stop at Hazcards and Recipe Sheets? Come on a journey into the SRAs and try out some demos that you might not have seen or tried before.

I. Down with demos!

Making a rainbow, levitating a CD and constructing a biology bracelet are just three of the practicals that you can participate in, in this session. All are linked to the KS3 specification, can be run as full class practicals and are designed to engage students by showing them science learning can be fun.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the conference you should have:

  • some practical ideas for use in the classroom
  • a clearer understanding of health and safety at work


The fee is:

  • £80 for members for the Association for Science Education (ASE)
  • £125 for non-members

You can join the ASE now and pay the membership rate. Find out how to join the ASE on the association's website.

Lunch is included in the fee.

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