Who attends UCL's course on life cycle assessments (LCA)?

10 July 2017

Launched in autumn 2016, UCL's course on life cycle assessments (LCA) has been popular across a variety of industries.

Dr Aiduan Borrion teaching on the LCA course

Life cycle assessment is a rapidly evolving tool used to determine impacts of products or systems over a range of environmental and resource issues. Applying this method of assessment is complex and difficult and translating the theory into a credible, transparent and applicable practice can be very challenging.

Dr Aiduan Borrion, from UCL's Circular Economy Lab (CircEL), created a new short course to give participants an introduction to LCA methods and how to apply them in real-life situations.

Providing practical and relevant training

view of LCA classroom

The focus of the course is not only about learning what LCA and circular economy is, but how to apply it in real life situations. Participants work through actual case studies and hands-on exercises so they can apply their knowledge.

This means they can return to their organisation with the knowledge, skills and confidence to implement the relevant tools, while knowing they have access to a diverse peer group and experts for support.

" The course helped me acquire the skills to conduct my own calculations, and it also gave me practical examples of companies who had successfully implemented the circular economy concept." Melissa Díaz Segura, Cooperativa Biklö, Costa Rica (2016 participant)

Read a review written by Lui­se Hein­rich who attended this course in March 2017. Please note this link takes you to another university's website.

A global outlook providing inspiration through diversity

Dr Mairi Black teaching on the LCA course

The participant make-up proves the global appeal of such a topic. Although currently a face-to-face course in London, 65% of participants travel from outside the UK to attend.

" This is of great value in my work as policy consultant to provide objective and fact-based advice to policy-makers in Europe on controversial societal issues, where economics and environment always play important roles.” Jurgen Vermeulen, Trinomics, the Netherlands (2016 participant)

Explore who attends this course

Life Cycle Assessments: participants by j.bozec

Broadening the appeal through online learning

The next step with this course is to create a fully online version so that those who can't attend the course in London can access the knowledge and expertise at UCL - watch this space.

Book now - Conducting a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): from Theory to Practical Application


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