Library Services


Prospective UCL Students / A-Level Students

A-level students are welcome to use the library for their research, for a fee. Prospective UCL students are eligible to apply for a one-day ticket, free of charge.

A-Level Students

A-Level students can pay for reference access to the library for up to a year by completing an online application in advance of visiting the library.

Current charges are:

  • £7.00 for one day.
  • £20.00 for a week.
  • £30.00 for a month.
  • £120.00 for six months.
  • £200.00 for a year.

A-level students are not permitted to borrow books.

Prospective UCL students

Those wishing to look around the library with a view to becoming students at UCL are eligible to apply online for a one-day ticket free of charge. Please indicate that you are a prospective UCL student in the ‘further details’ box at the bottom of the online application form and the normal daily charge will be waived. Any further access will be charged as explained above.

Please note: when applying for membership, please allow at least two working days for your application to be processed before you intend to visit the library. 

The start date for short term paid memberships (one month and less) will be set when the card is collected.

To apply

To apply for membership, applicants must complete the online registration form and attach:

  1. A passport style photo (colour, facing camera).
  2. A photo/scan of your home institution / school ID card.

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