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UCL Main Library

The UCL Main Library holds collections in Art, Economics, English, History, Humanities, Law, Modern Languages, Philosophy and Public Policy.

Library Essentials

UCL Main Library


Space availability

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Opening hours

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Address and contact details

  • Address: Wilkins Building, Gower Street, WC1E 6BT.
  • Help Point: 020 7679 7792.
  • Enquiries: lib-main@ucl.ac.uk.
  • Nearest tube stations: Euston, Euston Square, Goodge Street, Warren Street.
  • Other ways of getting in touch: Come in to the Help Point and we'll be happy to help. You can also see our getting help webpages.

Subject coverage and guides

The Main Library houses collections relating to the following subject areas: 


The Main Library is located on the 1st floor of the Wilkins Building.

The easiest way to reach it is to enter the main UCL site via the Gower Street entrance, walk around the left hand side of the central portico and enter the door at the top of the ramp. Once inside, turn left and go through the door at the end of the small corridor. The library entrance and reception desk are to the right, adjacent to the Octagon.


Most floors and collections are now accessible from the lift installed next to the Library's main entrance. There are, however, a few parts of certain collections that remain difficult to access due to the nature of the Main Library buildings. For details of which collections are involved and how to make arrangements to over come any difficulties, please see accessibility or contact the Library Accessibility Team, or phone 020 7679 7792.


Self-guided tours

Users of the library can familiarise themselves to general library resources and collections and make the most of all our services and facilities, with our self guided tours.

Main library self guided tour


Photocopying, Printing and Scanning

3 photocopy, printing and scanning machines (MFDs) are located in the Reference room and 1 in the Hebrew and Jewish Studies Reading Room. All devices print in colour and A3.


Two DVD players and two VHS players are available. Headphones are available to borrow from the Help Point during staffed hours. The facilities are located in the English lobby - go to the end of the Literature corridor and turn left just before the wooden staircase.

The Library has a large collection of audio-visual material on the open shelves. Our Art AV collection is located in the Art section, to the right at the end of the Philosophy corridor. Our main film and television collection is located in the Literature corridor (turn left as you reach the top of the entrance staircase). 

IT provision

Computer Clusters are located in the following places:

  • Reference Room opposite the Help Point.
  • Hebrew and Jewish Studies reading room - our largest cluster with 57 PCs.
  • Outside the Dutch reading room.

Laptop Loans

We have a laptop loans service in the Main Library. Located in the Returns Room on the First Floor and in the English section (on the left as you enter the room). Please ask staff if you need any assistance.

Regulations in the Main Library

Please respect quiet reading rooms and be mindful of other library users.

Mobile devices

  • Calls can only be taken or made in the Flaxman Gallery.

Food and drink

  • Cold snacks and sweets can only be eaten in the Flaxman Gallery.
  • Hot and cold drinks in containers with a lid or cap can be eaten anywhere in the Library.
  • Hot food is not allowed anywhere in the Library.

You may be charged for cleaning if food residue is left on desks, chairs or floors.

Study Spaces

  • The Main Library is primarily for quiet study.
  • Reading places may not be reserved.

For all other regulations, please see Library Regulations.