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UCL Bartlett Library

The UCL Bartlett Library houses books, journals and DVDs covering all of the UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment’s teaching and research interests.

Library essentials

Central House building


Space availability

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Opening hours

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Opening hours exception

The UCL Bartlett Library opens at 10:00 on the first Thursday of each month.

Address and contact details

  • Address: Ground Floor, Central House, 14 Upper Woburn Place, WC1H 0NN.
  • Tel: 020 3108 9666 (internal: x 59666).
  • Email: library.bartlett@ucl.ac.uk.
  • Nearest Tube: Euston, Euston Square, King's Cross.

Subject coverage and guides

The Bartlett Library houses collections relating to the Built Environment. For more information see our Built Environment subject guide.


The Library is located on the ground floor of Central House. Central House itself is situated on Upper Woburn Place, close to the junction with Euston Road.

Floor plan

Download our floor plan


UCL Library Services offers a range of other facilities for users with disabilities which are listed separately.


Self-guided tours

Users of the library can familiarise themselves to general library resources and collections and make the most of all our services and facilities, with our self guided tours.


See our web page on Photocopying, Printing and Scanning Services for details.

Inter Library Loans

The Bartlett Library participates in the centralised inter library loans service.

Green Impact at the UCL Bartlett Library

The Bartlett Library participates in UCL’s Green Impact Award scheme and achieved Excellence in 2017. We intend to remain at this level and continue to assess how we might improve the environmental credentials of the library. See the UCL Green Impact Award webpages for more information.