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Share the Space

Information about our Share the Space scheme, which aims to maximise the availability of study spaces for library users.


We operate a scheme called Share the Space during busy periods to maximise the availability of study spaces for library users. Please see below for details of the initiative, and please be considerate of others when using the library:

  • If you are leaving your study space for more than 30 minutes, please take all your possessions with you. Obviously you will need to have a break from time to time, but if you are attending a lecture or going out, please take your things with you.
  • Please only use one of the Cluster desks with a fixed PC if you are using the PC.

How Share the Space operates

  • Library staff leave reminders on desks which have been left unattended to indicate that they are available for use after 30 minutes.
  • Other readers may then carefully move your belongings to one side and take your seat.
  • If you return to your desk within 30 minutes, that's fine, just dispose of the notice and carry on studying.

Although a number of our libraries are extremely busy at times, other sites may have more capacity. Please see our space availability page for current seat usage throughout our library spaces.

You may use any of our libraries in the Bloomsbury area and beyond.

Share the Space