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Lecture capture, Lecturecast and Copyright

Information on recording lectures and the copyright implications for this.

What is Lecturecast?

Lecturecast is the system used to record lectures by UCL staff and occasionally lectures by external speakers. Further information on using Lecturecast is available from E-Learning Environments. Recordings are usually kept for one year.

Copyright and Lecturecast

The following is a brief summary. A full explanation of the potential Copyright issues is contained in the Lecturecast Guidance. The lecturer's permission is required in order to:

  1. Record the "performance" of the lecturer, whether from UCL or a guest speaker.
  2. Re-use their material legally once recorded for example by making it available to students via Moodle.

Obtaining permission from speakers

In the case of UCL staff, UCL has "deemed consent" to record lectures. Although UCL waives its rights to Copyright in teaching materials created by employees, it does benefit from a broad licence to re-use them. This stems from the UCL IP Policy.

In the case of external or guest speakers: They should be asked to sign the standard Lecturer consent form The form is used to gather permission to record their lecture and permission to re-use their copyright material. The completed "Lecturer consent forms" should retained by the UCL department which has organised the event as proof that we have the relevant permissions.

Third party material included in lectures

It is important to check whether the lecture includes material where the Copyright belongs to someone else (not UCL or the speaker). This could be a textual quote an image or recorded music for example. We require permission or a licence to include any "third party" copyright material. We should also check that the Copyright owner and the source of any third party material are properly acknowledged.

In the case of guest speakers, the Lecturer consent form asks the speaker to confirm that they have permission for any third party material they have included in their lecture.

The full Lecturecast Guidance document provides more detailed information.

If you have any queries or need further advice please contact: copyright@ucl.ac.uk or check the UCL Copyright blog which is also a source of information on recent Copyright developments.