Library Services


Copyright resources

A selection of useful external online resources (web pages, YouTube videos etc.) on copyright

Learning Resources

Online training from the UK Intellectual Property Office

The IPO offers basic online training on the major types of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) including copyright, patents, trade marks and design rights

Copyright User website

The Copyright User website includes multimedia learning resources and a wealth of background information on Copyright.

UK Digital Literacy website

The UK Copyright Literacy website offers learning resources developed by leading university digital literacy and copyright experts, including a copyright card game.

Seeking Permission and Tracing Sources

The WATCH and FOB databases

The WATCH database is a great source of information on whom to contact for permission to reuse the works of well-known authors and visual artists. One can look up older publishers on the FOB database to find out who currently owns the rights in their publications.

Tin Eye Reverse Image Search

The Tin eye reverse image search website can be very useful in finding out where images have been used previously on websites, often providing clues on copyright status and ownership.