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Political Science and Public Policy

Book collections

Political Science reading room

There is a growing collection of political science books in the Main Library (on the 2nd floor, adjacent to the History collection).

The collection is divided into two sections:


HUMAN RIGHTS can be found in the Main Library, 1st floor, South (see separate guide).

However, material relating to politics can also be found elsewhere, including:

  • ECONOMICS (Main Library, 1st floor, south end); contains most of the books on economic theory and policy.
  • HISTORY (Main Library, South, 2nd floor); includes material on the history of political thought.
  • LAW (Main Library, 1st floor, Donaldson Room); includes material on the British constitution and European Union.
  • TOWN PLANNING (Bartlett Library, Central House, Ground floor); has substantial material on local authority policy-making, including housing, welfare and finance.
  • ANTHROPOLOGY (Science Library, 2nd floor); covers political systems in a social context.
Finding books:

The Library has its own classification scheme for arranging books on the shelves. Typically, a book will have a shelfmark which begins with the name of the subject (corresponding to the section of the Library in which the book can be found) followed by letters and numbers denoting its position on the shelves within that section; e.g.

  • PUBLIC POLICY JC 423 DAH for a book on democracy.
  • INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS XD 81 BEC for a book on US foreign policy.

Journal collections

There is a small collection of printed Politics journals in the Main Library. Older issues can be ordered for next-day delivery using the Store service.

Most politics journals are available online. Search for titles using Explore, selecting Journal titles from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, view an alphabetical list of electronic journals which UCL members have access to and link through to the journals from here.

Accessing The Economist & The Financial Times:

The current content of many other newspaper titles (regional, national and international) can be accessed online with Nexis UK.

Online resources

Explore allows you to search for material within a single resource or across a range of resources simultaneously and get instant access to the online full-text material we subscribe to. Databases should be used for conducting comprehensive research. In many cases, databases include a link to the full-text version of a reference (look out for the findit@UCL icon).

Other Internet resources

General Resources

UCL members can make use of a number of other libraries.

Particularly good for Political Science students and staff, and all within walking distance, are:

Find out more about using other libraries, with links to other library catalogues.

A wide range of training and support is available for members of staff and students. Please feel free to contact me for assistance or to make an appointment. Other services and materials which may be of use include:

In addition:
  • ISD Service Desks are located on the 1st floor of the Main Library and ground floor of the Science Library, and can be contacted for enquiries regarding your computer accounts, email, etc. ISD also provide IT training and resources, and an email address for questions about bibliographic software: biblio-support@ucl.ac.uk
  • Training is available for research students via the UCL Doctoral School, including information skills sessions run by library staff.

Library Services offers a variety of research support services in order to assist researchers.  For further information please contact me directly using the contact details to the right.