Call number: V-947

Valley of the Dead
Producer Kevin Sutcliffe
Editor Peter Horrocks
Reporter Jane Corbin
Film camera Mike Spooner
BBC1, 5 July 1999
40 minutes


Part of Our Family
[Belarus children affected by Chernobyl explosion come to Britain]
A Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication Production for BBC
Produced and directed by Paul Merrick
Photography Matthew Dadley, Stuart Biddlecombe
Picture This
BBC2, 8 July 1999
30 minutes


The Russian Cracker
[The psychiatrist Aleksandr Bukhanovskii and Russian serial killers]
Produced and directed by James Kent
Photography Richard Ranken
Narrator Veronika Hyks
Inside Story
BBC1, 12 August 1999
50 minutes

Source: BBC1, BBC2
System: Pal

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