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Stalin's Skyscraper
[Anne Nivat lives in one of Stalin's seven skyscrapers in the heart of Moscow, originally built in 1952 for the elite of Stalin's regime. Today, many of the apartments have been passed down to the children and grandchildren of the original occupants. Nivat's history of the building, through her interviews with her neighbours, provides a fascinating portrait of Russia during the last half century.] Written and Directed by Pavel Lounguine

80 minutes, starts 2 minutes into tape
BBC4, 20 May 2005

3 minutes of irrelevance


Mikhail Gorbachev on Communism
[Mikhail Gorbachev, former President of the Soviet Union, reveals his own fascinating insights into both his life in the communist USSR and how he transformed his motherland.]
Director Tom Cholmondeley
Editor Nigel Williams

45 minutes
Five, Big Ideas that Changed the World, 31 May 2005


Serbian Epics
Series Producer Roger Thompson
Editor Nigel Williams

50 minutes
BBC2, Bookmark, 16 December 1992

Source: BBC4, 20 May 2005; Five, 31 May 2005; BBC2 16 December 1992
System: Pal

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