Call number: V-927

Who Killed Stalin?
A BBC / Discovery Channel Co-Production, 2005
Produced and directed by Tim Robinson
Narrator: Michael Praed
Historical consultant: Simon Sebag Montefiore
Editor: John Farren

Stalin		Jerzy Gralek
Beria		Krzysztof Dracz
Khrushchev	Miroslaw Neinert
Molotov		Andrzej Szopa
Malenkov	Krzysztof Krupinski
Bulganin	Ilia Zmiejew
Vasily		Waldemar Blaszczyk
Svetlana	Marta Krol
Kaplar		Piotr Grabowski
Polina		Dorota Liliental
50 minutes
Starts 4 minutes into tape
BBC2, Timewatch, 11 March 2005


Hungary 1956: Our Revolution
[A look at the Hungarian uprising through the memories of a varied group who tell their stories from a personal perspective.]
A Calliope Media production for BBC in association with Les Films d'Ici and ARTE France, 2006
Writer, producer and director: Mark Kidel

60 minutes
BBC4, 21 November 2007


1 minute of irrelevance


Hammer and Tickle
[Ben Lewis tells the history of communism through the jokes of the time. With contributions from Lech Walesa, General Jaroszelskii and Peter Sodann.]
An Alegria / Bergmann Pictures production for BBC, ZDF and The Documentary Channel, 2006
Written, directed and narrated by Ben Lewis
Produced by Christine Camdessus and Ben Lewis

90 minutes
BBC4, Storyville, 22 November 2007

Source: BBC2, 11 March 2005 and BBC4, 21 and 22 November 2007
System: Pal

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