Call number: V-912

Return to Wonderland
[The stories of the 1995 Russian Wonderland documentary series revisited 5 years later, plus some new stories]
Mosaic Films for BBC Bristol, 1999
Series director Amanda Feldon
Series producer Helen Molchanoff
Executive producers for Mosiac Films Adam Alexander and Colin Luke
Executive producer for BBC Jeremy Gibson
Narrators Ralph Fiennes and Irina Brown
Research Iurii Kozyrev
Programme 1
[Return to the story of the Moscow beggar girl, Natasha; and a new story about the sect founded by 'Vissarion']
Film makers Igorī Borisenko and Andrei Zhigalov

4 minutes of irrelevance


Programme 2
[Return to the story of the soldier conscripts; and a new story about the mothers of men who died in Chechnia]
Film makers Andrei Erastov and Andrei Zhigalov

15 minutes of irrelevance


Programme 3
[People surviving in the frozen North; return to the story of Sergei Shashurin; vodka]
Film makers Igorī Borisenko, Andrei Erastov, Olīga Kushakovskaia
BBC2, 1, 2 and 3 June 1999
40 + 40 + 40 minutes
Source: BBC2
System: Pal

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