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Kosovo - The Reckoning
A Panorama Special
Presented by David Dimbleby
Consists of:
The Road Home - Reporter Gavin Hewitt [interviews in the refugee camps]
David Dimbleby interview with the Prime Minister
The Road to a Deal? - Reporter Jane Corbin [the diplomatic initiatives]
Discussion: David Dimbleby, Larry Hollingsworth, Colonel Bob Stewart
Under the Bombs - The View from Serbia - Reporter John Simpson
BBC1, 7 June 1999
60 minutes


Inside Russia's SAS
Wilton Films in association with Cinétévé for the BBC, 1999
Produced in co-operation with the Discovery Channel
Produced and directed by Tania Rakhmanova and Paul Mitchell
Executive producer for the BBC Keith Bowers
Associate producer Maria Keder
Narrator Allan Little
Camera Valentin Chernovol, Andrei Erastov, Hussein Abou Kharroub
Music Aleksandr Marchenko
Consultant Andrei Kalitin
Programme 1: Killing for the Kremlin
BBC2, 13 June 1999
50 minutes
Programme 2: Pit Bulls on the Loose
BBC2, 20 June 1999
50 minutes
Source: BBC1 and BBC2
System: Pal

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