Call number: V-897

Seven Days in Hell
[Events in Kosovo]
Channel Four, 1 April 1999
26 minutes, lacks very end; starts 6 minutes into tape


Sloba and Mira
Producer Frank Smith
Editor Fiona Murch
Reporter Phil Rees
Correspondent Special
BBC2, 24 April 1999
50 minutes

9 minutes of irrelevance


The Killing of Kosovo
Producer Kevin Sutcliffe
Editor Peter Horrocks
Reporter Jane Corbin
Panorama Special
BBC1, 28 April 1999
40 minutes


Juniper for BBC, 1999
Produced and directed by David Cox
Presented by Brian Walden
Executive producer, BBC Michael Flood Page
Executive producer, Juniper Samir Shah
Walden on Villains
BBC2, 7 May 1999
30 minutes
Source: Channel Four and BBC 2 and BBC1
System: Pal

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