Call number: V-893

Battle for Warsaw
[Timewatch tells the story of the Warsaw uprising]
Producer Wanda Koscia
Editor John Farren

49 minutes
BBC2, Timewatch, 28 April 2006

2 minutes of irrelevance


Hitler's Holocaust: The Ghetto
[Looks at the creation of Jewish ghettos in Poland]
Executive Producer Guido Knopp
Writer and Director Maurice Philip Remy

56 minutes
Channel 4, 18 October 2006

3 minutes of irrelevance


My Friend Sasha: a Very Russian Murder
[For three years before his death from poisoning, former KGB agent Aleksandr Litvinenko had been making this documentary with his friend Andrei Nekrasov]
Directed by Andrei Nekrasov

52 minutes
BBC2, Storyville, 22 January 2007

1 minute of irrelevance


Tchaikovsky: The Creation of Greatness
[Conductor Charles Hazlewood presents a new two-part drama documentary on the life of Tchaikovsky]
Dramatised and Directed by Matthew Whiteman

52 minutes
BBC2, 27 January 2007

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