Call number: V-878

The Land of Genghis Khan
[Ray Mears in Mongolia]
Director Andrew Graham-Brown
Executive producer Paul Cannon
Photography Barrie Foster
Title music David Lowe
Ray Mears' World of Survival
BBC2, 22 November 1998
30 minutes


[Jools Holland in Budapest]
An Initial Production for NVC, BBC and NPS, 1998
Director Geoff Wongor
Producer Sara Brailsford
Written and presented by Jools Holland
Jools' Beat Routes
BBC2, 26 November 1998
30 minutes


Gigi, Monica... and Bianca
Derives; Wallonie Image Production (WIP); RTBF Liège, Belgium, 1996, in association with La Sept Arte
Directed by Yasmina Abdellaoui and Benoît Dervaux
Photography Benoît Dervaux
BBC2, 5 December 1998
70 minutes

9 minutes of irrelevance


Mission Impossible
[Mass graves in Kosovo]
A Clark Facilities Production for Channel Four, 1999
Director Heenan Bhatti
Producer Niall Sookoo
Executive producer Bernard Clark
Narrator David Jessel
Camera Steve Gray
Channel Four, 21 January 1999
30 minutes
Source: BBC2, Channel Four
System: Pal

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