Call number: V-844

Rossiia, kotoruiu my poteriali [The Russia We Have Lost]

Mosfil´m, 1992
Producer Vladimir Dostal´
Script Stanislav Govorukhin
Photography Gennadii Engstem
Music Chaikovskii, Rakhmaninov
Editing of chronicle materials Evgenii Nagaitsev
Main consultant Sergei Stankevich
Special thanks to Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn and Natal´ia Solzhenitsyna for their help in making the film
105 minutes
In Russian
Source: NTV, 7 November 1997
System: Pal


The Berlin Airlift
A 3BM Television Production for Channel 4, OPB, RTL and ITEL, 1998
Directed by Marion Milne
Producer Jeremy Bennett
Narrator Nigel Anthony
Historical consultant Professor Avi Shlaim
Music James McConnel
Photography Neil Higginson, Edward Kadysewski
Secret History
Source: Channel Four, 29 June 1998
60 minutes
System: Pal

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