Call number: V-827

Black Gold
[Azerbaidjani Oil]
Producer Paul Mitchell
Reporter Andrew Harding
Editor Fiona March
Camera Vladimir Chernovol
Correspondent Special
BBC2, 21 March 1998
45 minutes


Yuri Gagarin: Starman
An Atlantic Celtic Films, BBC/Docstar Production, 1998
Directed by Derek Jones
Written and produced by Jamie Doran
Executive producers Tim Kirby and Bernard Macleod
Narration Joss Ackland
Consultants Piers Bizony and Peter Almquist
Camera Ervin Sanders, Vladimir Chernovol
Reputations Special
BBC2, 31 March 1998
60 minutes


The Russian Mob Goes Global
Producer Giselle Portenier
Reporter Kevin Connolly
Camera Sean Gracey, Mark Molesworth, Leslie Hankey, Nili Aslan
Editor Fiona March
Correspondent Special
BBC2, 4 April 1998
45 minutes
Source: BBC2
System: Pal

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