Call number: V-798

The Return of Zog
Written and produced by Peter Dale
Photographed by Roger Chapman
Modern Times
BBC2, 29 October 1997
50 minutes


In Search of the Amber Room
A Wild Dream Production for Channel Four, in association with NVC Arts, 1997
Directed by Stuart Clarke
Written and presented by Anthony H. Wilson
Producer Ali McGrath
Photography Kenneth C. Dodds
Music Edward Plummer
Channel Four, 9 November 1997
50 minutes


Rivals for Paradise
[The "secret war" between the Vatican and the Kremlin]
A BBC / WGBH Frontline Co-Production in association with ORF, Austria, 1997
Written and produced by Paul Sapin
Narrator Robert Powell
Historical adviser Constantine Brancovan
Executive producer John Drury
BBC1, 9 November 1997
80 minutes
Source: BBC2, Channel Four, BBC1
System: Pal

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