Call number: V-778

The Death Train
[The Arctic Circle railway constructed by Gulag prisoners in the late 1940s]
An October Films Production for Channel Four, 1997
Directed and produced by Tom Roberts
Associate producer Tom Lasica
Photography Bogdan Dziworski
Including stories from Varlam Shalamov's Kolyma Tales, Vasilii Grossman's Forever Flowing, Aleksandr Pobozhii's The Death Road and Gustaw Herling's A World Apart
True Stories, Channel Four, 5 August 1997
75 minutes


Planet Islam: The Empire Strikes Back
[Islam in Moscow, Tatarstan and Tajikistan]
A Barraclough Carey Production for the BBC
Produced and directed by Tim Pritchard
Presented by William Shawcross
Photography Mike Garner
BBC2, 10 August 1997
50 minutes


The Persuaders. Photographic Propaganda in the 1930s
[Dorothea Lange, Heinrich Hoffmann, Aleksandr Rodchenko]
Produced and directed by Clare Beavan
Series Producer Tim Kirby
Photography Stephen Aden White, Chris Woods
Narrator Denis Lawson
Decisive Moments, The Photographs That Made History, Programme 2
BBC2, 11 October 1997
50 minutes
System: Pal

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