Call number: V-750

Sergei Eizenshtein. Avtobiografiia [Sergei Eizenshtein. An Autobiography]
Directed by Oleg Kovalov
Gosfil´mofond Rossiiskoi federatsii, Gosudarstvennyi komitet Rossiiskoi federatsii po kinematografii, 1995
Producers Sergei Sel´ianov, Aleksei Balabanov
Script Oleg Kovalov
Production manager Vladimir Khaunin
Editing Galina Subaeva
Sound Marina Polianskaia and Maksim Belovolov
Special effects Andrei Fokichev
Extracts from Eizenshtein's Avtobiograficheskie zapiski read by Aleksei German
Film extracts from the Gosfil´mofond Rossiiskoi federatsii and the Rossiiskii Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv kinofotodokumentov, Moscow
Extracts from the films of Eizenshtein, Vertov, Tsekhanovskii, Pudovkin, Mikaberidze, Kaufman, Zheliabuzhskii, Komarov, Ermler, Clair, Méliès, Léger, Buñuel, Lang, Pabst, Ivens and other directors
With the music of Verdi, Poulenc, Varèse, Honneger, Prokof´ev, Shostakovich, Stravinskii, Mosolov and others
89 minutes
In Russian with English subtitles, preceded by 10 minutes on the film in series Liniia kino; starts 7 minutes into tape
Source: Russian television, ORT, 20 January 1997
System: Secam


extract from TV programme about Renata Litvinova and Kira Muratova, 1996
Written and directed by Irina Vasil´eva
With contributions from Litvinova, Muratova, Sergei Popov, Irina Pavlova, Evgenii Tsymbal, Karen Shakhnazarov, Dmitrii Meskhiev, Valerii Zheregi, Vladimir Fokin, Vladimir Khotinenko, Ivan Okhlobystin
50 minutes
In Russian
Source: Russian Television, RTR, 1996
System: Secam

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