Call number: V-72

DUDOW, Slatan
Frauen Schicksale [The Destinies of Women]
DEFA, 1952
Screenplay Slatan Dudow, with the participation of Ursula Rumin and Gerhard Bengsch
Photography Robert Baberske, Hans Hauptmann
Production design Otto Erdmann
Music Hanns Eisler
Song Bertolt Brecht

Renate Ludwig 		Sonja Sutter		
Hertha Scholz		Lotte Loebinger		
Barbara Berg		Anneliese Book		
Anni Neumann		Susanne Düllmann		
Isa von Trautwald	Ursula Burg		
99 minutes
In German with English subtitles

Source: Icestorm, in Association with the University of Massachusetts
System: NTSC

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