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Russia: Land of the Tsars
Part Two

[Second episode of a two-part series tracing the history of Russia's ruling dynasty. This second programme focuses on the revolutionary fervour sweeping the world as Catherine the Great combined betrayal, cunning and sexual intrigue to modernise and expand Russia whilst she was Tsarina. However, the effects of the Industrial Revolution soon overtook the ruling powers and led to an antagonised population becoming more virulent in their opposition to absolute rule.]
A & E Television Networks, 2003
Written and produced by Don Campbell
Executive producer: Beth Dietrich-Segarra
Channel 4 version narrated by Ewan Bailey
Produced by Taylor Downing and Paul Nelson

Channel 4, 1 May 2004
120 minutes

2 minutes of irrelevance


Miss Gulag
[Every spring, staff at women's prison UF 91-9, Siberia, organise a beauty pageant to lift spirits and help inmates win time off for good behaviour. Natasha, who directed the competition when she was an inmate, returns to support the contestants: but with no job or prospects, what can she say about life on the outside? Is this why Russia's rate of female incarceration is five times higher than Britain's?]
BBC, 2008
Narrator: Paul Kenyon
Executive producer, BBC: Louise Norman
Producer, BBC: Olly Bootle
Produced by Irina Vodar and Raphaela Neihausen
Directed by Maria Yatskova

BBC2, This World, 11 Mar 2008
30 minutes


The Poles are Coming!
[About a million Eastern European workers have come to work in Britain since the EU opened up: one of the biggest migrations in decades. Some people in Peterborough claim that their city is 'swamped'. Others say these workers are boosting our economy and supporting our flailing pensions system. But many Polish cities now want their workers back, particularly to build the stadium for Euro 2012.]
BBC, 2008
Presenter: Tim Samuels
Assistant producers: Esther McWatters and Fiona Cleary
Executive producer: Dominic Crossley-Holland
Director: Alex Mackintosh
Producer: Tom Giles

BBC2, 11 March 2008
60 minutes

Source: Channel 4, 1 May 2004 and BBC2, 11 March 2008
System: Pal

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