Call number: V-604

The Insect Affair [Wladyslaw Starewicz]
Four-Mations, a Koninck production for Channel Four
Directed by Keith Griffiths
With the participation of Léona Béatrice Martin, Starewicz's granddaughter; and Ian Christie, Irène Kotlarz, Ruth Baumgarten and Michael O'Pray
60 minutes
Channel Four, 31 December 1994
Lacks start


The Last Machine
[The History of Silent Cinema]
Directed by Richard Curson Smith
Narrated by Terry Gilliam
Written by Ian Christie
Programme 4: Tales from the City
Programme 5: The Waking Dream

40 + 40 minutes
BBC2, 28 January and 4 February 1995
Source: British Television
System: Pal

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