Call number: V-59

BODROV, Sergei
Ia khotela uvidet´ angelov [I Wanted to See Angels]

Kinostudiia 12A, Moscow, Twelve L.A. Inc., New York and Screen Angel Production, San Francisco, 1992
Producer Carolyn Cavallero
Script Sergei Bodrov and Carolyn Cavellero
Photography Aleksandr Rodionov
Music Mongol Shuudan, with lyrics and singing by Valerii Skoroded

Bob		Aleksei Baranov
With 		Natal´ia Gin´ko, Liia Akhedzhakova,
		Aleksei Zharkov, Evgenii Pivovarov
85 minutes
In Russian with English subtitles
Source: Channel 4, 21 October 1995
System: Pal
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