Call number: V-582

People's Century
1997. Fast Forward

BBC / WGBH Co-Production, 1997
Producer Archie Baron
Narrator Sean Barrett
BBC1, 23 February 1997
55 minutes


The Search for Mother Russia's Children
[Follow up to "Mother Russia's Children", 1992, Call number V-519]
Directed and produced by Tom Roberts
Investigation Liana Pomeranzev
Research Tom Lasica
Narrator Jenny Cuff
Photography Jacek Petrycki
An October Films Production for Channel Four
Channel Four, 27 March 1997
55 minutes


War Crimes on Trial
[The trial in the Hague of Dusko Tadic]
A Soul Purpose Production for the BBC, 1997
Director Timothy Copestake
Producer Paulette Farsides
Presented by Sheena McDonald
BBC2, 7 May 1997
45 minutes
System: Pal

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