Call number: V-581

The Honey Trap
[KGB sexual traps for foreign diplomats and businessmen]
An Atlantic Celtic Films production
Written, produced and directed by Jamie Doran
Narrator Brian Hayes
Inside Story
BBC2, 21 January 1997
50 minutes


Igor - the Boy Who Dared to Dream
[follow-up to film Igor, Child of Chernobyl, 1995, also in the collection, Call Number V-562]
Carlton UK Television and Zenith North Limited, 1996
Produced and directed by Mandy Temple
Photography Malcolm Oldfield
Written by Roger Mills
Narrator Tim Pigott-Smith
Network First
ITV, 11 February 1997
60 minutes


People's Century
1989. People Power

BBC / WGBH Co-Production, 1997
Producer Angus MacQueen
Narrator Veronika Hyks
BBC1, 16 February 1997
55 minutes
System: Pal

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