Call number: V-564

Tainy staroi ploshchadi. Vokrug perepiski Bol´shoi troiki
Narrated by Dmitrii Volkogonov
Directed by Galina Ogurnaia
REN TV, Studiia "Publitsist", 1995
25 minutes


The Lapirovs go West
Directed by Jean-Luc Leon
La Sept / Arte Unite de programme de Thierry Garrel / Album Productions / Antares Films, New York, 1994
Producer Sylvie Faguer
Photography Jean-Luc Leon, Eric Guichard, Nicolas Moscara
True Stories
Channel Four, 1 June 1995
c. 100 minutes


Trophies of War
[German art treasures looted by the Russians after World War Two]
Producer Bernadette O'Brien
The Late Show
BBC2, 13 June 1995
40 minutes
System: Pal

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