Call number: V-528

Russkaia ideia [The Russian Idea]
STV, Roskomkino, Trite, BFI TV, 1995
Directed by Sergei Sel´ianov
Script Oleg Kovalov
Narrator Aleksei Petrenko
Music Vladmir Rodchenko; and the music of Prokof´ev, Shostakovich, Ovchinnikov and Dunaevskii
51 minutes
In Russian with English subtitles


100 years of Polish Cinema [100 lat w kinie]
BFI TV, Tor Film Studio, Warsaw, 1996
Directed by Pawel Lozinski
Executive producer Colin MacCabe
Script Krzysztof Kieslowski
61 minutes
In Polish with English subtitles
Source: BFI Academy Video, 1999
System: Pal

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